Your New Smile Starts Here

We offer free consultations at our Palo Alto orthodontic office. This important 30-minute visits gives you the opportunity to get to know the team, meet the doctor, see our office and have all of your questions answered.

Your First Visit

Come on in

We’ll welcome you with a smile and you can have a seat in our comfortable reception area. We strive to always run on time, so you won’t have to worry about a long wait. To really jumpstart the process, you can fill out our patient registration form online ahead of time. You can also bring a panoramic x-ray taken within the past six months and your insurance card if you have orthodontic insurance so we can estimate your costs.

The Exam

We’ll call you back and take some photos of your teeth and face as well as x-rays, if necessary. Then, Dr. Yoo will thoroughly examine you. This will give us an idea of your situation and how it can be remedied.

Let’s Chat

You’ll spend some one-on-one time with your doctor. We encourage parents to come too. We’ll discuss potential treatment options, your goals and needs and answer any questions you have. During your consultation, we’ll address:

  • If you have a condition that orthodontic treatment can fix
  • If treatment is needed now or if it should be delayed until ideal growth or teeth eruption have occurred
  • What treatments can correct the problem
  • How long treatment will take
  • How much treatment will cost
  • The payment and financing options
  • Whether or not insurance will cover a portion of the cost

During the initial consultation, our goal is to gain insight into your orthodontic needs as well as answer general questions. We believe an effective, comprehensive treatment plan relies on an accurate, informed diagnosis. Therefore, it’s important that we carefully analyze your diagnostic records. We’ll schedule you for a second visit to really get into the specifics and present you with your concrete treatment choices, the time frames and the exact cost, so you are confident about your care.

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