Orthodontics – it’s an exciting industry that we are passionate about, but we also realize that not all our patients know what we do. In this section all about orthodontics we set out to explain more about our profession and why we do what we do. Every day we get to work with our fabulous patients as they embark on their journey to a straighter smile. We get to see their self-confidence grow as they achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of. You’ll soon see why we love what we do.

What is an orthodontist?

Find out more about what an orthodontist does.

Early treatment

Give your children the best start in life with orthodontic treatment.

Teen treatment

Designed for our teen patients, Invisalign Teen aligners get great results.

Adult treatment

You’re never too old for treatment. Find out why adults wear braces.

Common problems

Find out what types of problems we can fix with orthodontic treatment.

Jaw surgery

If you need jaw surgery, our specialist orthodontist will recommend the professionals.