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Can Pre-Teens Get Invisalign Too?

Invisalign is a quickly growing alternative to traditional braces. Imagine, if you will, a set of braces that cannot be seen. That is the major selling point of Invisalign. From teens to adults, the craze of a perfect smile without the stigma of being called “metal mouth” is very appealing. Invisalign costs around the same as a pair of regular braces and allows you to eat a greater variety of foods. They require a few simple cleanings every day, and can be taken out and put back in. And unlike braces, Invisalign require only about 20 hours of use – rather than the 24/7 hours of use with traditional metal braces. Continue Reading

Celebrating Halloween With Teeth-Friendly Treats.

Halloween is a favorite holiday among children due to the festive games, imaginative costumes, and candy. Modern celebrations stem from a combination of traditions from Pagan and Christian traditions throughout the centuries. The original holiday was called Samhain and derived from the ancient Druids of Ireland. In their belief system, November 1st marked the beginning of winter, and Pagans began their Samhain celebrations at sunset on October 31st.
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